Being amidst the reliable security companies in Melbourne, security systems designed and developed through Symplex Technology in Australia has been tried and tested by a number of residences, retail outlets and large scale commercial premises. Take a look at Symp technology in Australia; SympSmart and SympServe are two leading cutting edge solutions catering to security systems Melbourne.

Sympsmart Technology

Being able to understand and implement conventional and cutting edge security solutions SympSmart focuses on the solution requirement of the specific site and customer needs by leveraging IT and Network technology and apply convergence in design and development where solutions are fueled with reliability, efficiency and manageability. SympSmart is applied in the areas of Surveillance in IPVS, remote access and storage along with intrusion detection.

Key Features & Advantages
•     Users can easily migrate from Analog Closed system (CCTV) to an IP- based digital open system and enjoy the benefits of live or remote viewing and recording
•    Replication of costly switching infrastructure can be eliminated
•    High-quality video surveillance can be applied across any number of client offices or sites
•    Energy efficient, scalable, cost-effective, and flexible
•    Management of disparate security systems is made easy and efficient
•    Able to utilize modern as well as conventional surveillance/ intrusion detection equipment
•    Implementation of sophisticated user profiles, for user restriction and access

Hosted Video Storage (Sympserve)
With SympServe Technology, recording and storing video is made site independent with modern compression and streaming capabilities coupled with smart, secure storage that can enable users to view either one or multiple sites with a secure user login and action recording, remote view, and playback based on their requirement with added benefits such as monthly reporting maintenance and updates.

Key Features & Advantages

•    Remote footage access and playback of archives
•    Efficient remote storage and streaming
•    Save on costly onsite hardware and safety enclosures
•    Video data is protected in case of vandalism or disaster or system failure
•    In-house IP video server
•    Notifies if the cameras are not archiving or offline of storage server
•    Eliminates  the need of onsite recorders