Melbourne Security Companies | Why Symplex Solutions for Security Systems in Australia

"Symplex - The Symbol of Expertise”

Symplex Solutions is one of the trusted Melbourne security companies providing electronic security systems in Australia. Symplex Solutions offers cost effective surveillance and IT converged security systems in Australia that are tailor made to customer specific requirements. Take a look at why Symplex Solutions stands best among the Melbourne Security Companies.

√     Flexible and cost effective solutions
√     Able to understand and deliver Security and IT converged systems
√     Tailor made to suit today’s demanding technological environment
√     Limitation of traditional security systems can be overcome
√     Costly switching infrastructure can be replaced
√     Low cost ownership
√     Hardware is location independent which improves scalability
√     High levels of redundancy with IP integration
√     Control and Monitoring becomes more scalable and efficient
√     The system integrates seamlessly with your IT network
√     In case of vandalism of DVR recordings could survive with remote storage
√     Allows system wide diagnostics to ensure everything is running smoothly  (maintenance)
√     Integration is made easy with expert design and tailor-made solutions
√     Access control with smart analytics and enhanced building security
√     Single point of contact for all your integrated security and network needs
√     Single point of contact for security solutions and integration
√     Huge productivity improvements by using analytics software during the search and playback of recorded material in post-event analysis