Terms & Conditions

> Power Points and Suitable Broadband, and communication Link are to be provided by the client.

> Remote Access** to DVR involves Connecting to your Home or Business Network, Internet viewing via PC or Laptop or viewing via Mobile Devices (PDAs, Smart Phones)  which is based upon an additional fee (charges varies on the IT work performed)

> Warranty will not cover damages by mishandling, lightening & surge. (See Warranty Clause below)

> Client has to provide AV equipment including LCD or Plasma screens, unless requested prior to commencement of work.

> Symplex Solutions Reserves the Ownership of the Equipment provided as part of the Solution, Until full Payment is received.


** Terms pertaining to Remote Access

Please note Remote Access is an additional service provided by means of integrating to your data network. This will involve having a Static IP (from your ISP) and a non-restricted modem.

The modem should be configurable with minimum effort such as allowing the DVR application via a specific port and, no configuration restrictions as some ISP’s tend to limit on integrating other devices and applications, while preventing certain traffic and application, and limit their support.

If you do not have an in-house IT department to support such issues, we will have to hire certain IT experts, or if provided by us will be charged upon the time and effort for further diagnostic and integration performed.

Following are such limitations which would;

- Pre-configured ISP modems

- Bespoke business configurations

- Designed for specific tasks (IP telephony)

- VPN and other custom networking

Warranty & Replacements

All Home Watch Solution Packages & Combo packages comes with a 3 month warranty for any included package product whether it's Home Watch (HWS) or Home Guard solutions (HGS) . Please see exclusion below;

Warranty Exclusion clause

Damage by disassemble or cleaning by customer. Damage caused due to repairing by a person except the authorised techs/vendor. Hack by an external parties, intentional damage to systems and subsystems.
Electrical faults, Power Surges, Lightning, Fire, Flood, Earthquake, storm, hurricane, or other Natural Disaster (Acts of god)

The following products for HWS & RWS promo packages will be included in the above warranty, as per conditions and exclusions.
Cameras, DVR, NVR, Encoders, IP switch/access points for CCTV systems and sensors, sirens, keypad, controllers for Alarms systems. All products would have to go through RMA to claim warranty.

Please note warranty replacements does not happen within 24 hours due to the following process.
Faulty products needs to be identified, tested on site or offsite
Test report needs to be sent to OEM or vendor for verification if products have been mishandled or the actual cause of fault.
Products need to be shipped to OEM or vendor
Once verified the OEM or Vendor will ship the relevant items to be replaced.

Exclusions are If clients have a valid maintenance agreement or if the site has a 24 Hour emergency replacement agreement in place.

Unless specified otherwise, all non-promo packages and solutions carry a 12 months vendor or manufacturer warranty adhering to above exclusions.

Extended Warranty and inclusions can be purchased at an additional cost.


Privacy Statement

We respect the privacy and security of the data and information that you share with us. We ensure complete privacy for the personal data you provide us and guarantee that we will not share it with ANY third party, unless otherwise with prior communicating to you and getting your consent.