Symplex CMS Solutions

"SYMPLEX - The Synergy of Surveillance Solutions.."

Symplex CMS is tailored for small to medium shopping malls and retail and educational establishments, with a
center management facility onsite. Depending on the locality, location and physical structure and vulnerability areas such as the lobby, corridors, walkways, exit and entry points, including loading bays and remote buildings are all controlled and monitored by our Integrated Center Management Solution. Set up with an array of analog and IP cameras, door entry and access control, alarm systems with wireless point to point links connected to the CMS office in order to centrally control and manage the premises whilst having provisions to relay to a third party monitoring center.

Benefits of Symplex CMS
» Minimize and prevent theft, vandalism and tress passing
» Easier control and monitoring through a centralized monitoring facility
» Able to access and alert different zones and petrol staff
» Remote supervision by area managers and decision makers